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Apology to Hobart/Miller, Admin, and Moderators

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  • Apology to Hobart/Miller, Admin, and Moderators

    I wrongly came to conclusions based on totally wrong information, without waiting for any facts to come out. My sincerest apologies to everyone.
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    Takes a big man to say he's sorry. Glad you had a change of heart.


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      I for one am not sorry, as I don't feel I did anything wrong. I noticed ROCK was gone, and the changes being made to his account, and I pointed them out ASAP. Any one of us would've done the same.

      Things got goofy after that, and I think we all realize that. People speculate when they don't have answers. It is human nature. In a sense, people felt wounded by what they saw taking place. Personally, I reacted by "demanding" an answer about my friend. Is that unreasonable?

      In all honesty, a quick answer as to the status of our friend would have put it to rest quickly. I still would like to know exactly what happened. But I suppose that will never happen.
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        "People speculate when they don't have answers."

        Good point.


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          What answer do you have? Other than he said ROCK left on his own accord. I for one would like a reply from the ROCKSTER. If he left on his own why wouldn't he say goodbye, I've found something else to do, and wish everyone well. ROCK and I were having a conversation not very long ago and he was telling me what a great company Miller/ Hobart was to work for. I'd like him to confirm that for me one final time and say goodbye. If he has replied I would like to know.David