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    I may have the chance to buy a miller thunder bolt 225v stick welder at auction this weekend and would like to possibly find out some information about it. I couldn't find a serial number but the style is JA-9, it has the amps crank on top with the high/low cable plug-ins in front. What I would like to know is the approximate age and price when new, are parts still available?
    The welder looks like new, and appears to have little use even comes with a partial box of electrodes that probably came with it when new. any info will help


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    You didnt say if it was AC only or an AC/DC unit. I would guess it is an AC unit if it only has a High and low connection. I know you can get a New AC unit for around $250 so be careful on the used price. As for an age it would be hard to get without a serial number I know the crank top control has not been in production for about 5 years.
    Dave Evans