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    I just spent my christmas money at HF by ordering a Ring Roller and a iron bender and the scroller attachment that goes on top of it. I was just wondering if someone knows where I can get some ideas or some patterns on what kind of scrolls to make? This is just a hobby for me. Is there some site where I could down load or just print something off the site? Thank you.
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    Try this group on Yahoo.

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    Ther is some good people & info on the site

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      Your going to enjoy your new toys. I know I do. There are several examples on this board, RockyD at the forefront, that has projects made with your tools. For ideas, also do a google search on "metal scroll", "iron scrolls", "metal craft" and any other words you can put together. You'll get a wealth of links with pics to ignite your imagination.
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        I get tons of ideas looking around on the web for the magic word ornamental. Cruise blacksmith pages too, they make thier scrolls the old fashioned way, but the end result is the same.

        Chadrat's excellent guide on HF scrolling