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Wire feed problem

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  • Wire feed problem

    I have a little 110 Craftsman MIG (Century built I believe) that I bought used. It's been working great but now the wire won't feed.

    The trigger locked up on me and started feed wire like crazy. After shutting it off and fiddling with the trigger it is free but the feed motor will not turn. I noticed the gun wasn't secure in the clamp on the machine and got some sparks. Could I have fried the wires to trigger the motor? It has a Tweco gun, can I try jumpering the plug to the gun and see if the motor will turn? Any ideas? Thanks.

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    CULLEN..................Two problems...........the gun end must be tight in the gun holder.

    You can jumper out the gun trigger cixrcuit and see if the drive motor turns on this will tell you if your gun has a problem.

    Let us know what you find..............Rock..
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      Thanks, 1st thing I did was make sure all the connections were good. I'll jumper the switch tonight and see what I get.