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Miller synchro 250

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  • Miller synchro 250

    Problem: unit's HF is shutting off erratically in continuous mode, sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes 15 minutes. HF transformer has no faults, relays are staying "on" when the HF shuts off. The remotes are fine, crater is off. HF contact points are set.

    Sooooo, whats happening?

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    watch the spark gaps if the arcs quit, I would check the caps. How old is the machine? Stock caps usually only last five to ten years.

    Just a guess.


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      ventureline.......... Why not give Dave (Service) a call at tig. Call 920-954-3620........... He should be in tomorrow he is out today. If the points are pitted they sometimes have a hard time starting but do not typically extinguish themselves during the weld. However have you looked at the gap.

      Typically you have 115 volts running into a step up transformer then 3000-6000 volts off of the secondary side to get the sparks to jump. If your careful you can monitor the incomming with a meter but protect it from the HF as it will eat your digital should be steady and constant...........

      Let us know what you find.............Rock..
      [email protected]