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    Does the MM251 have the same plug as the MM175? If not, which plug is it? What is the plug on the Spectrum 625 or 2050?
    What about the Dynasty 300DX?

    I am finishing my new trailer next week (it's in the yard now with a coat of primer on it), including a full on-board power distribution system, and want to plan ahead for my next upgrades.

    It will have a switching disconnect so I can power its subpanel from on-site electrical service or from the Trailblazer without having to unplug anything.

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    Not sure about the 175 but the 251 takes the "Dryer Style (what I call 'em). The kind with two vertical prongs and one half round centered below them.


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      Yes, they take the same plug. I've used the same extension cord for both.
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        The 200 dx didn't come with a plug ,but I don't know about the 300dx. David


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          Gary, they are a 6-50-R and they are different than a dryer. An old dryer, 3 prong, the 3rd blade is actually a neutral/ground blade and isnt bonded to a ground pin like the typical welder plug or a normal 240 supply.


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            The Spectrum 2050 does not have a plug on it. Sberry27 is correct for the plug on the Spectrum 625, a NEMA 6-50P which is a 2 pole- 3 wire grounding plug.


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              post some pics...sounds pretty cool...i'm to start an upfit on an enclosed trailer soon and would like fresh ideas...thanx