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    Anybody have a Harbor Freight coupon code?
    I'm about to order some stuff

    Thermal Arc 185 TSW

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    if you see any boxes of "spare time" would you pick me up a case or two ? thanks ....

    - jack


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      I just placed my order..
      I really didn't plan on ordering anything but I wanted to try the price trick that was posted about changing the catalog number (slow day at work ).. Well here's what I did, not sure how the columns came out but in my spread sheet it was:

      3952-4VGA AC VACUUM PUMP $9.99
      659-6VGA MAGNETIC TRAY $1.99 $4.99 $3.00
      46585-1VGA ANTENNA SERVICE KIT $9.99 $12.99 $3.00
      30756-4VGA VOLT METER $2.99
      45661-1VGA 3PC HD WIRE BRUSH $2.49 $4.99 $2.50
      42872-3VGA BENCH BRUSH $1.49 $2.99 $1.50
      4614-6VGA NEEDLE FILE SET $2.97 $5.99 $3.02
      41291-1VGA BIG RIVET TOOL $12.99
      46946-3VGA HOBBY KNIFE KIT $6.97 $7.99 $1.02
      5969-2VGA TUBE FLARING KIT $5.99 $6.99 $1.00
      46978-1VGA IMPACT SCREWDRIVER $6.99 $7.99 $1.00
      90172-1VGA MOBILE PHONE KIT $3.97 $4.99 $1.02
      37284-3VGA 200PC SPRING STORE $3.49 $6.99 $3.50
      1819-2VGA 1012PC TERM STORE $19.99 $29.99 $10.00
      41875-2VGA 555PC COTTER PIN $1.99 $4.99 $3.00
      3731-2VGA 385PC O-RING $5.97 $7.99 $2.02
      43522-1VGA 110PC COPPER WASH $5.99 $6.99 $1.00
      4300-5VGA 300PC E-CLIP $3.99 $7.99 $4.00
      43759-0VGA 150PC WING NUT $7.99
      31677-0VGA 225PC NITRILE O-RING $6.99

      If anybody is interested in anything the catalog numbers are the cheapest ones they got.

      For example:
      3731-2VGA 385PC O-RING $5.97 $7.99 $2.02

      catalog: 3731-2VGA
      desc: 385Piece O-Ring
      list: $7.99
      trick price: $5.97
      I saved: $2.02

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      Thermal Arc 185 TSW


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        hehe, just wait until you start having to deal with there shipping system, rather crazy to be honest


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          Could someone please 'splain this trick again?
          Challenger 172
          Thermal Arc 185TSW


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            yes please explain


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              as i understand it
              you take the part number, 31677-*VGA , as an example,

              replace the * with a number 0 thru 5 (i think on the 5)

              note price

              put the next number (0thru5)

              note price

              continue till done with numbers (0-5)

              use the number that brings the lower price and VIOLA you saved money.

              as a further example input the following in the HF search box one at a time


              you may or may not get different prices but on most items you will.
              the number change is for different catalogs and as you know most catalogs have different prices in them.

              later jim
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              next up to buy MM251


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                Not just 0-5 use 0-9
                Make sure to empty cart before each entry.

                A earlier post by FlashBlind

                For the 0-9 digit that precedes the VGA, first list all 10 with the rest of the info, using the "Order by printed catalog" option. One of the ten order #'s will work and put an order (The most expensive one) in the shopping basket. Write down the #'s that worked on the "Order by printed catalog" window and close it out. Empty the item from the shopping basket or it will keep the highest price no matter which number you use. Then, type in the order, one at a time with the different digits that worked (like 1,4,5,8). Don't forget to clear out the basket each time. Can make a big difference in price.
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                  i dont know. i try to avoid harbor freight most of there stuff is junk
                  why pay 5 dollars for a tool when you have to buy it 20 times when you can pay 40 and have it for a lifetime with out the headache
                  MM 210
                  Thermal Arc 250GTSW


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                    Originally posted by big tuck
                    i try to avoid harbor freight most of there stuff is junk
                    As has been discussed before, you have to pick and choose. For some it is worth it, and many have had very excellent performance out of the cheap tools.

                    By the way, HF sells brands such as DeWalt, (new and reconditioned) not to mention HOBART WELDERS.

                    Ask the forum how happy they are with HF bandsaws and bench sanders. "Junk" is the term used by an indiscriminate buyer.

                    Caveat emptor.


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                      I can't get any to work...... nothing ever changes. Even the ones want2weld posted never changed. What gives?


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                        Originally posted by WV4runner
                        I can't get any to work...... nothing ever changes. Even the ones want2weld posted never changed. What gives?
                        Did you empty the shopping cart after every attempt?


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                          as i said in my reply MOST of the stuff they sell is junk especially hand tools
                          MM 210
                          Thermal Arc 250GTSW


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                            im sure most people on this web site would agree a craftsman or husky wrench is better than a pittsburgh steel i have bought many tools from harbor freight this is why i have come to this conclusion. including drill presses drill bits and so on i have a bench grinder from them wich has no power at all
                            hobart is made in america and so are some of the other tools they sell which are good products . example i bought a chop saw from them i used it maybe 2 months the actual shaft on the motor broke very unsafe 50 dollars out the door. i now have a milwaulkee and i am very happy.
                            MM 210
                            Thermal Arc 250GTSW


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                              China is starting out like the Japs did in the 60's. Jap stuff was real crap back then, but now they make some of if not the best stuff.

                              like 60 grit flap disks are $8.99 for a 3 pack at HF. A single disk at Home Depot is $9.99
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