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  • 10lb roll ??

    anybody have this problem when im useing 10lb roll 035 in my hh175 when the roll is almost gone i cant seem to keep it adjusted comes loose or to tight just cant seem to keep it rolling good. when i put a new spool on it works just fine. is this something i just have to deal with. Or do you guys think theres something wrong it.the machine works fine with small spools.
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    I had the same problem with my 135, I switched back to the 2# rolls.
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      I had good luck with the 10# spools. Sorry to hear you are not.
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        I had a problem with 030 Lincoln L56 and quit using it because of the way it came off the spools. I think they rewound then from larger spools of some kind and they never did work right. Then I use some Israeli stuff,,, blue somthin that worked well, then went to Century from Farm and fleet which worked good and was the cheapest too. Next will probably be Weld It for the little machine. Try a different brand.
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          What type of spool is the wire wound on? At work we had some 44 lb. spools that were mfg. from 1/8 round stock, these had cross bars instead of a smooth surface to wind the wire on. We had problems with these as the crossbars kinked the first couple thousand wraps of wire, we ended up throwing out the last pound or so of wire on these type spools. When we switched to the plastic or fiberboard spools the wire didn't kink, and was used to the last inch. You can tell really easily by getting a 4/5 foot section of wire and letting it relax, any kinks will stand out.
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            Stick to Hobart HB-28 wire,and your problems will be over.It has less of a helix type affect when at the end of the roll.It is softer wire.It also as a side benefit has the nicest arc out of all the wires I have tried.Good stuff.