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HH 175/135 protective cover

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    Here's the RH side of the machine, covered, of course.
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      Here's the LH side:
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        And here's a shot of the back, showing the velcro straps to hold it closed. Notice the cover has an open back to allow for the bottle rack.
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          By the way, I have seen it advertised for $25 I think, not $39.
          Charles.............Where did you see it for $25? If I can buy one that cheap I will get one and have my wife revamp it with a slit in the back as suggested by others to accommodate the gas and power cord.

          It would be nice to have a cover with the proper color scheme and decals. Then I could discard the old salvaged computer cover that I am presently using.


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            Originally posted by Aaron

            My wife made my HH175 cover for me from denim and polar-fleece. She did an excellent job of making it fit the machine.
            Aaron, polar-fleece on the cover??!!??? How cold does it get in your shop?



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              Well, Mow, I'd say it gets pretty darned cold. But the wifey makes all kinds of things from fleece, and she used a few scraps to line the cover for my HH175, you know, to keep from scratching the paint.

              You think that's funny? The outside of the cover is dark-blue denim, salvaged from a rather large garage-sale find denim skirt. The wifey get's her fabric from all sorts of weird places! I'm not complaining, though. There must've been several yards of fabric in that one denim skirt!
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                Thanks for the pics Aaron!

                Hey Rock, did you read this ?

                - jack


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                  Don't be bitter. Check out this link for the cover: $29.
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                    Well isn't that interesting. The cover for the Miller 135/175 is $29 and the cover for the Hobart 135/175 is $39 at the same store. Aren't those welders built about the same? Anyone have an idea why such a big difference in price?

                    Here is the Hobart cover:

                    Hobart 135/175 Cover
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                      it sounds like a hose job to me.
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