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Lanthanated or thoriated?

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  • Lanthanated or thoriated?

    I'm using a Lincoln Invertec 205T for tigging on mild steel, and just for the heck of it the other day got myself some lanthanated electrodes instead of my usual thoriated... I have heard that thorium is radioactive (!).

    Anyway, I see very little, if any, difference. I am a pretty novice welder, though. Do you experienced guys know of a difference? Is it right to worry about thorium? This is hobby-level stuff, mind you, but I do tend to grind through a fair share of electrode.


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    Unless you're snorting the grinding dust, or some other silly notion, the radioactive thing is kinda silly. I suppose if we took some lab rat and stuffed him into a cramped room with no makeup air, and told him to grind them for 12 hours a day for months on end, he might experience some problem. HEY! I think I just stumbled onto a good use for So****!

    If you prefer the thoriated tungstens, just use your head. Kinda like using lead. Many items are made from lead, like airgun pellets, fishing sinkers, etc. Wash your hands. Don't put them in your mouth.
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      Short and brief, this is about the only thing you can notice. Lanthanated takes thermal shocks better (starting and stopping a lot) and better suited for AC current, but sometimes you have to up your tungsten size one step in the AC mode.

      Thoriated takes overheating better (pushing your tungsten to its upper limit) and also uses lower voltage which results better weld arc control on fillet joints at lower amp settings (40 amps or less).


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        Here's a site that will give you more information on tungsten than you ever wanted to know...we get our tungsten, Tri-Mix, from here. The Tri-Mix is non radioactive and lasts longer, stays sharper and cleaner, (as long as you don't try to sub arc with it ), than any other that I've tried.

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          Rocky D,I bought off of e-bay from them.The president of the company handled my order that I screwed up.Jim is his name,and he is a great guy.


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            Scott, have you tried the Tri-Mix?


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              Rocky D,I sure haven't but it sounds pretty interesting.I am still trying to figure out which I like better between Lanthanated,and Thoriated.With the edge seeming to go with Thoriated.I think I like glowing in the dark.It saves energy.


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                Thanks for all the great responses!

                I am more worried about cumulative exposure and creating a big mess in the basement. I think I may try that tri-mix -- sounds like the best of both worlds.



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                  I didnt care for the tri mix I used, I would sooner use lanthanated ,or ceriated for really low amp work. I believe the tri has a cream band