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  • miller 2004 catalog

    miller site has information promoting the new 2004 catalog....
    which celebrates millers 75th anniversary.
    check out the miller e-mail news letter....
    power click

    says miller isgonna really celebrate in 2004....
    maybe that means some awesome specials are comeing our way....



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    Figures. I bought all my new Millers (2 welders and a plasma) in June of 2002, just before they started giving things away with them. Next year is going to see a new MM251 with a 30A that can also go on my Trailblazer, and a new Dynasty 200DX. I think I can wait until I get the specials this time.


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      Yup, some new products to look forward to in 2004:

      Spectrum 125C plasma cutter: 1/8 rated,3/16 quality.

      XMT 350 CC/CV inverter: 300amps @60% on 1-phase, 425amps max on 3-phase. Looks to be a replacement for the ALT-304.

      Pro 300 engine drive: 1800rpm, 410amp CC-DC,14-40V CV-DC, 22hp putty-tat diesel.

      Big Blue 400 and 500 engine drives: all 1800rpm.

      Maxstar 150 already announced.

      Get yer wallets ready.


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        what about a pm300 clone


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          You're right Chub, it wasn't in the catalog--even though indications are that it is in the 'skunkworks'. It probably wasn't close enough to completion in order to put it in the catalog. It appears that if they introduce a new model in the catalog, they indicate 'first quarter 2004'. So maybe it will be introduced later than that. Just speculation.