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Jig saw or plamsa??? Tungsten type and size for Dynasty 200 DX?

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  • Jig saw or plamsa??? Tungsten type and size for Dynasty 200 DX?

    I want to hear some opinions about plasma cutting versus using a jig saw. I'm looking into buying a Miller 625 but if I can do what I want for about 1/10 the purchase price (for a good Bosch) then perhaps I'm just eyeing that nice "toy" too much. I have a gas rig so I can cut thick stuff w/o it, although I assume nice cuts are easier w/ plasma.

    How thick SS can be cut w/ a jig saw and how thin (w/o rattling to ****)?

    What type of blades for SS?

    How to lubricate blade when cutting SS w/ jig saw?

    How does prep/clean-up time compare for the two methods (burrs/slag and cut precision-rework)?

    Other subject:

    I have seen on the Miller site suggestions for using ceriated tungsten, but most shops don't carry it.

    How do you know what type tungsten to use and can you give me some suggestions for tungsten dia vs mat'l thickness for MS, SS and Al?

    Basically I want to have a good starters kit for a variety of tungsten.

    I am going to be getting a Dynasty 200 DX so I assume that using pure tungsten is not needed anymore.


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    You don't say how much stainless you plan on cutting but I don't believe you will be cutting very much with a jigsaw. Stainless is tough on blades. With a jigsaw you only have a small amount of teeth and the heat will build up quite fast. It will just get worse until you lose the temper in the teeth completely and your blade will stop cutting altogether. Slow blade speed is a must and coolant of any kind will be a big plus.


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      flat-out it will never hurt having a good jigsaw around but it will never replace a plasma cutter( even a cheap one) bitter nut hit the nail on the head about the jigsaw blades I used to be a wood butcher and be fore i had a torch or plasma i used to vut stell with a jig saw and sawzall with not to go result but that was due to my ignorance , now even when im working as a framer i still bring o/a in the truck , so i would just save up and get a plasma and god jigsaw, you wont regret either
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        I just convinced my wife to get me a Bosch jig saw, but it ain't close to being a replacement for Plasma. Now, if I can just get her to believe I need the Unimog to haul that jig saw around, I got it made.


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          These people were very helpful with tungstens, I bought a sample kit with different tungstens to try out instead of having to buy 10 at a time.

          Their minimum order was 10, but they allowed me to mix and match different materials and sizes for testing purposes.


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            Plasma vs Jig Saw

            The Bosch jig saws are the best ,I've had one for 4 years and nobody elses compares. You would tear ANY jig saw up over a period of time cutting SS. Get the plasma,and keep your teeth. David


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              As a matter of fact if you want the Bosch I recently received a e-mail special holiday sale flyer from Seven Corners Hardware. The best price I have seen for a long time and you get 2 free Wolfcraft clamps with it. Ordered one myself for a gift. Hasn't arrived yet but expect it any day. They had a super special holiday price of 129.99 for the package. Don't know if the price is still good or not but you can give it a try.

              Here is the link that will get you to their website.


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                If you've never used a Bosch jigsaw you will probably be shocked at the difference. I bought a used one about 10 years ago dirt cheap at a flea market & have been using it ever since, usually on a medium speed setting. The orbital blade action makes a huge difference by itself. It does one trick I have never figured out - you can make blind cuts with it, meaning that you can cut 2 or 3 inches deep into the edge of a 2 x 4 or 2x 6 where the tip of the blade doesn't go all the way through without feeling it want to jump up & down. Or you can drill a starter hole as deep as the total stroke of the blade and make a mortice cut.
                A few months back a scruffy looking probable thief stumbled into my shop late one Saturday afternoon with a Sears cordless drill (no charger) & another Bosch jigsaw just like the one I have & offered them to me for $35, trying to raise beer money. I gave him $30 and told him to keep the drill, so now I have a backup.
                The only difference I see between the old & newer models is the blade release; I have to use a long skinny screwdriver to change the blade but otoh, that will probably last forever.
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                  My Bosch jigsaw is probably the second most-used tool on my toy-trailer, second only to my cordless drill. The are truly the best units made. I tried several brands before buying it about 3-1/2 years ago, and I was impressed by the Bosch. I like the tool-free blade change, and the roller blade guide is sweet. For blades I prefer the Bosch Progressor. They are more expensive, but like everything else, you get what you pay for.
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