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HTP Micro-Cut 380 Plasma Cutter

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  • HTP Micro-Cut 380 Plasma Cutter

    Hi guys. Great to hear Saddam is caught, isn't it? Anyway, does anyone have an opinion on the HTP Micro-Cut 380 plasma cutter? Here is a link: . Once I can "find" the cash, a plasma may be the next purchase for 2004. Chevy High Performance just did an article on the HTP380, so it got me to thinking about looking into it. I haven't gotten pricing yet, though. I did do a search, but came up with little info. Sounds like you guys love the Miller Spectrum 375, and those Plasma Buggies look great! Thanks in advance.

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    It's an Italian made unit that HTP rebadges. It doesn't appear that HTP actually makes any of their stuff. It appears to be a good unit. Harbor Freight was selling that same 30amp model but closed it out for $529 each. I tried to order one but was too late they'd all been sold.

    The user 'gde' on this board has one and seems to be quite pleased with it.

    - jack


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      I bought the HTP Microcut 380 a little over a year ago. It has worked very well for me everytime I used it. To clarify some things you might want to know before you drop the cash on any cutter:
      -No, the 380 (30amp) is no longer available as it has been replaced by a 40amp unit (Microcut 400). The consumables for 380 and 400 are interchangeable and always available.
      -Yes, this is an Italian made unit that HTP puts their name on. This is however, a very well built unit and works quite well.
      -The difference between buying a unit from HTP and, say, Harbor Freight is that HTP will always be available to service it for as long as you own it and guarantees to always have parts and consumables available.

      I know it may sound like I am working for the company and pushing their products but, the fact of the matter is that, I had the same questions and concerns prior to my purchase and found that their customer service is great. Jeff Noland (President) spoke with me several times any time I had a question.

      For the record, I still stick with the tried and true welders, MM210 and MM250.


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        I also have the HTP 380 plasma cutter and have been very pleased with it too.


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          Thanks guys, as always your help is appreciated. Once again, I must mention that this is a great board