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  • Mike W
    1800 rpm is good. 99% of the generators out there run at 3600.

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  • D. Jewell
    Thanks DrIQ and cutter for your quick response, I will check back and repost my question on Monday. Thanks again,
    D. Jewell

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  • DrIQ
    Rock or Dave at Hobart can get you more detail but you have a welder that will give you 3000 watts of AC auxillary power at an engine speed of 1800 RPM. The welding output is DC and will give you a welding arc as smooth if not smoother than the new aircooled engine drives sold today. I would probibly use 2/0 cable for the welding leads.

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  • cutter
    Hang in there DJewel,

    Weekends are sometimes not the best time to post a question like yours because the Hobart Experts & Gunslingers are usually off duty & even some of these volunteer deputies seem to have lives other than this forum. But someone will most likely be along with some answers for you before too long. If not, re-post it on Monday when there is more authoritative participation.
    The Hobart guys are always happy to help you.

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  • D. Jewell
    started a topic Hobart Welder Specs

    Hobart Welder Specs

    Hi I am new to the board as well as to using a welder. I just purchased a used welder and was wondering if anyone out there would know the Specs. on it. It is a Hobart, This is the information that I have on it.

    Nema rating Nema Class1
    Max. OCV 80 Volts25
    % Duty Cycle 100 RPM 2200

    Auxilary power
    volts 110/220 ph. 1 Hz 60
    KW 3 pf RPM 1800

    make Wisc. TJD 2
    spec. 4130E
    model G- 213 serial AAW- 84550

    I would like to have as much information on the welder as possibe, such as what size leads would I need for it, and if it could be used for a D/C welder or is it strickly a A/C?

    Thanks for any help that I can get on this. Thanks, D. Jewell