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whats up with my miller xli autodarkening hood

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  • whats up with my miller xli autodarkening hood

    New last week, charged up in sunlight Friday all day. Worked ok yesterday, was using today, while migging (more expensive than a mugging, LOL) it all of the sudden went lighter real quick. Holy cow what a headache. Switched over the the old hood sat it ouside for charging, stated to use it again was ok for about 30 minutes of welding then it did it again. Any idea as to what is going on. Thanks, Tynwood

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    Bad battery? If it doesn't get better with more charging discharge cycles then return for new if in warrenty.

    Thats my beef with sealed solar recharge auto darkening welding filters. The battery always goes bad overtime even with better designs. Then you have to toss expensive parts instead of cheap batteries. You have to be really determined mad cheapskate to dig out molded in place battery to save your investment.