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    Hi- I've got an old Lincoln welder/generator with connectors on the leads that aren't like any I've used. The male part is slightly tapered, about 1 inch long and about 7/16" diameter. They appear to be brass and solder on to the leads. They're simple and seem to work well, just by "wedging" together, no cams, twist locks, or pins. I don't know if they're original Lincoln. I'd like to make up some extension sections for my leads, but I can't find any connectors to mate up with these. Any ideas? Thanks, Steve

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    I think I know what you are talking about and they may not be made any more. Your best bet would be to get with you local dealer and see if they can get them.
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      Assuming they are in good shape, get some Tweco Male/Female connectors and attach them to a stub of cable using the original connecotrs on the machine end.


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        Yup, adapt them to modern available connectors like cope said, I was just bored for a min and didnt feel like subjecting myself with more grinding dust so I throw my 02 nonsense in here,,, ha