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Cutmaster 38 or 50 ? Can't decide.

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  • Cutmaster 38 or 50 ? Can't decide.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I'm looking for a plasma cutter and am considering a Cutmaster 38 or 50 but can't decide between the two. My current needs are to cut 1/4" mild steel, but this might increase in the future. I realize both machines can handle 1/4". Thermal Dynamics' spec sheet say the Cutmaster 50 comes with a PCH/M-62 torch while the 38 comes with a SL60 torch. Is one better than the other? Also, it says the 50 required 3.3cfm of air while the 38 requires 5cfm (both at 65psi). Could this be a typo (ie. the larger machine requiring less air)? Also, for "pilot", it says the 50 is "electrode to tip" while the 38 is "start cartridge". I have no idea what that means.

    Any comments? I had the same problem deciding between a Hobart 135 or 175, but that decision was easy due to the small difference in price. But the $425 difference between the 38 and 50 is quite a bit more.

    I have a 240V, 50amp circuit in my garage. I don't expect I'll need to run the machine on 120V. Also I have a large compressor so I'm not worried about the air requirements.

    Also, does anyone know what country these machines are made in?

    And lastly, I'm just a hobbyist...

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    Albert,the whole Thermal line up is switching over to a start type setup.It's makes the plasma cnc ready,just like the Hypertherm.The Thermal rep said it would be about one month.That was one month ago.I would wait on the 50 until the change over.It means no high freg start with the cartridge model.I would go for the fifty if you do not need the 120 volts of the 38 model.They both work great either way though,but I would always go with the latest torch on any plasma.

    They are made in the USA.