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  • HTP Tig Welder

    I stumbled across this welder online..
    Anybody know about it? Looks like it's loaded with features...

    Your Source for MIG, TIG, and Stick Welders, Plasma Cutters, Welding Equipment and Supplies. USA Weld, a distributor of welding equipment and accessories in the USA. Quality tools with quality value.
    Thermal Arc 185 TSW

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    Looks good. How much?
    T/A 185, HH 175


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      Yep, I know about it. As they say, nothing new under the sun. HTP is a US importer for STEL of Italy. I've read comments from HTP mig and tig owners on other boards and they seem happy with the equipment and REAL happy about being able to contact the distributor with questions. Personally I think parts and service may be a problem . Oh yeah, the guys who bought these boxes never demo'd anything else--so there really was not much of a real comparison made that I could tell.



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        Scratch start


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          No, it has both HF and lift arc starting options.


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            The price I've heard is $2250 for the supply and small tig torch included. By comparison, the adjustment ranges are less than what you would find on the dynasty 200, plus it can't run on 120vac.


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              I purchased a plasma cutter from them about a year ago (Microcut 380). It has worked great for me. When I originally purchased it I thought I was buying from the manufacturer. That was not the case. Yes they do import their products and sell them under their name (HTP). And yes, you can buy the same exact products under different names but they are very difficult to get serviced from the "other" dealers. HTP does back up their products and will service them. They are a reputable dealer and their Customer Service is great. I personally have spoken with their current owner (Jeff Noland) and he is more than willing to help in any way. As to the quality of their machines, my plasma cutter works great. It cost just under $900 and it cleanly cuts 3/8" and severence cuts "1/2". They no longer offer this machine but they guaranteed me that they will service it for me and have consumables available for as long as I own the machine!
              When it comes to welders however, I am of the opinion to stick with the "tried and true", (Miller, Hobart, ESAB, Lincoln).


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                when did HTP quit selling the 380 ?

                and the HTP 380 sure does look identical to the plasma cutter that HF sells.

                - jack


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                  Re: HTP

                  As far as the 380 is concerned, you're right. They no longer sell this model. They replaced it with a 40 amp unit, similar but bigger with a 1/2" clean cut.
                  Re: the model HF sells, you are also right. The problem is that you do NOT get the kind of service and guarantees HTP offer.
                  The machines are the exactly identical though.
                  Gice HTP a call, they are very nice.--Grant