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  • Westinghouse welder

    Anybody familiar with this product? It says TWS 300 AC-DC, has HF, water cooled torch. A friend of mine is looking for a small project welder and came across this one ($500). It looks pretty old, about the size of a old Lincoln Tig machine. The seller is supposed to be getting a plug for it so we can try it out (he took it on trade for something, has never used it). Just wondering if it was worth getting and if parts might still be available for it if it breaks. Thanks for your help.

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    I can tell you it's at least 40 if not 50 years old, and tremendously overpriced.
    It will probably suck 100 amps on 240 for full output, and the cooling fan will sound like a Mack truck.
    I would possibly give $100- for it, including the torch if I could fully test it out. Parts, unless you can substitute over the counter parts, you're screwed. If it has a vacuum tube inside the housing, don't touch it.
    A person who doesn't know that machine would be far better off keeping his money in his pocket for a different machine. If you do buy it, move it very carefully, those old transformer connections can seperate, and are next to impossible to repair.


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      Thanks Franz, that was exactly the info I needed. When I looked at it, I was seriously underwhelmed. I was telling my buddy about the Dynasty 200 Dx, he didn't seem to want to spend that much money, but after thinking about it awhile, he's going down to the local Miller dealer tomorrow and have a look see at one. I told him I read online about a possible reconditioned unit @ Miller so he's going to look into that.


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        MOTORDOCTOR...........Reconditioned units is 1 left...........

        I too think I would not want a welder with a vacuum tube in it...

        Be Safe............................Rock..
        [email protected]


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          ROCK fess up, Miller built a bunch of them vacuum tube refirdgerators of AirCrap back in the 50s.
          I recall hearing in the 70s that the cost of a replacement tube was a couple hundred bucks.
          OK, when they were built they were good machines, but today if you gave me one and delivered it, I'd think 3 times before accepting. The good thing about them machines was they only had 3 dials to tune in.


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            Rock, my buddy went to the local miller distributor and they weren't interested at all in looking into that reconditioned unit. So I gave him the phone number of Cyberweld and he ordered one from them. Thanks for your help. I can hardly wait for it to show up, then I get to play with it also.