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  • Tigmate welder

    I currently have a Hobart 175 mig welder and want to be able to do some alum. welding. I thought about getting the tigmate welder instead of the spool gun, since the spool gun would be almost as much as the tigmate (well half anyway). Just wondering if anyone has any input on this welder or any other suggestions.


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    I'm a novice at this but I also have the hh175 and I am glad I have it.
    The spoolgun is very expensive for adding only aluminum to my welding capabilities. Also to use it, you need to hookup the other tank as well as a gun change over.

    On the other hand the Econotig or Tigmate (which is my choice also) adds aluminum and a entire new way of welding, TIG. Once it is setup, leave the Argon tank on it. No change over time. It also gives you the ability for stick welding, messy, but has its advantages as well. Not the mention if your 175 needs service the Econotig can pick up the work load. You get the best of both worlds.
    It's not an optical just looks like one


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      If you do not plan to do a lot of aluminum welding, you may be able to just use the standard gun. Keep the lead to the gun as straight as possible and it will feed the aluminum wire. I have not tried it with my HH175, but others have talked about doing it on the old discussion board. Search the old board and I am sure you'll turn up the thread. If you only plan to weld aluminum on a limited basis, I would try it. You have nothing to lose, since you already have the HH175 and gun. Others - chime in if you have tried the standard gun for aluminum.


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        I have used a HH135 with aluminum wire in it before and it works ok. I am definately not happy with the way it welds because I am used to a TIG machine for that. If you try the wire route, I think that you will have a hard time welding stuff thinner than 1/8. If I were you, I would go ahead and get the new Syncrowave 180. I have an Econotig (same as TigMate) and the AC welding leaves a little to be desired. I prefer the square wave. I also have a Syncrowave 300 and the AC welding on it is like a night and day difference from the Econotig.