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Jackson Auto Helmet Flashing

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  • Jackson Auto Helmet Flashing

    I picked up a bottom of the line Jackson auto helmet for my wife to watch and learn what I was doing and she complained of getting flashed. I said no way and proceeded to get flashed big time! The time it took to go to dark was way too slow. The helmet has been charged up in the sun for several days. Is this a defect? Will they refund or exchange this helmet? As far as I'm concerned it is worse than a fixed lens. Thanks for your opinions.
    T/A 185, HH 175

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    Most helmet manufactuers have a 12 to 18 month warranty.
    They should at least exchange it for you.

    Also, make sure the sensor on the lens is seeing the arc. Sometimes your hand or the gun can block it and they will flash.


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      Low cost auto dark helmets often have only one sensor above lens while better ones have 2 above lens and best have 3 or 4 sensors above/below lens. Better ones have adjustable sensitivity and shades. If your using low amp tig need best auto dark filter with adjustable sensitivity and TIG mode. Low amp MIG should use adjustable shades and adustabe sensitivity is nice.

      Lower number light shade is better and lessens the bright light that bothers you when filter darkens which is sometimes caused by eyes adapting to brighter light. This often happens if work area isn't well lit.

      Take your helmet back to dealer and compair it with another, exchange for another or return for cash.

      Some have problems outside in bright sunlight.


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        I use a Nexgen which is fanastic. No issues whatsoever with that helmet...
        T/A 185, HH 175


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          I work for a welding supplier, so I'm pretty familiar with quick change hood problems. It sounds like you have a defective hood. The cheapie models are not the greatest, but it should still work alright. I don't recommend them to full-time welders, but for the purpose you're gonna use it for, it should have worked well. Try asking the store you bought it from to exchange the lens with a new one. You should keep the hood. The way the warranty works, it's supposed to be the purchasers job to send the lens (only the lens, not the hood) in for examination. I've been burned before by giving a new in the box hood in the place of a burned up abused hood, only to find that Jackson only warranted the lens. The person at the welding store will be much more likely to work with you if you hand him a defective LENS and reciept!