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Might be picking up a used stickmate

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  • Might be picking up a used stickmate

    I am taking a stick welding class and my instructor knows someone that is selling an AC/DC Stickmate that is a couple of years old and in good condition for 300 bucks. I am thinking about picking it up but dont' know if that is that good of a price considering that is only 70-80 off of new. Does that seem like a fair price to you guys.

    I will probably also be picking up a mig welder sometime next summer to use to play monster garage with. I will probably get either a HH 175 or a MM 210. Will the 175 be enough having the stick to use for thick stuff or would it be better to just get the MM 210 or 251 in the first place.

    I am looking for what welders will give me the most useability and versatility. Any feedback on what welders to get and would be appreciated.

    Also generally how much does it cost to get 220 volt ran into the garage and what all do I have to buy to do it.

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    Is the garage attatched or detatched? It makes a difference as far as cost to wire. A 240V circuit is simple enough to do. When buying wirefeeders get the best you can afford. The 175 is better than the 135 and the MM210 is better than the 175 obviously. Will do 1/4 really well without strain. I think the 210 is enough for most users. It will run 035 well.


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      I dont know if I would take that deal on the stick welder. Especially if it's out of the warranty time period. Like you said, it's not that much off the new price. But it's your money so it's up to you.

      I have the HH175 and the stickmate AC/DC. It's a good combo for me to use at home. I'm new and still learning as well.