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    I've been browsing the board for the first time today and the info is outstanding.

    Understanding that this site is provided by Hobart/Miller and therefore most users probably have a preference to these machines, what sets them apart from the red painted machines?

    Fight On!

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    I guess I should add that I'm looking at the 175amp Mig welders
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      What is the difference between a Ford and a Chevy? Some like red, some blue and some even like yellow. I am sure the sponsors of this site would like to see you buy a HH175 or MM175. According to the small feeder guru's here for first time users go with the HH. Easier to get the settings adjusted correctly.


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        Re: new Welder

        Originally posted by sczoner
        I've been browsing the board for the first time today and the info is outstanding.

        Understanding that this site is provided by Hobart/Miller and therefore most users probably have a preference to these machines, what sets them apart from the red painted machines?

        Some people like the small Lincolns and claim they weld better. I don't know about that, but the customer service at the factory level appears to be better with Hobart/Miller than with Lincoln.


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          I know the price on the Hobart is better than either of the other two.



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            As the owner and operator of both Red & Gray Lincolns, Blue Millers, Gray Hobarts, Green P&H, and Gray & Black Thermaldynamics machines, Smith and Purox torches let me tell you EXACTLY why the next machine or machines I buy will be either Miller or Hobart.
            It's all about the way Miller/Hobart and the other ITW companys do business. Yes, they spay the bills for this board, BUT, they also ABSOLUTELY DO NOT censor or slant the board toward their product. The clocest I've ever seen to one of the factory guys come to slanting the board was when a guy had a problem with his machine, and the dealer wasn't stepping up to get the machine fixed as fast as the owner thought he should. The factory guy jumped in and got the machine fixed and back to the customer.
            Go over and look at Lincoln's propoganda site, and see how Lincoln does business these days. Lincoln ain't the company they were 30 years ago, today they have a ****load of MBA types running the company who wouldn't know a MIG machine from an O/A torch, after all, they both have cylinders attached. Another thing about Lincoln, they have a load of teck service centers across the country, but unless you process a hundred thousand pounds of steel a year, see how long it takes them to call you back.
            Thermal, well, just go look at the comments I've made about them in the past.
            Now I realize to a newby, Price of the machine is the number 1 consideration, and that's largely because a newby doesn't know what he's even looking at, but from where I sit, Price of the machine is only the beginning. Welders don't wear out in 3 years, good machines last 40+ years, and there are some unique parts in them. The Miller/Hobart guys will be there to help you with a 40 year old machine, they've done it for me, and they'll do it for any owner. Lincoln, well, they will politely read the script from their screne that informs you no company can economicly continue to provide parts for older machines.
            Thermal, if you have the secret phone number, and you pay for the call, and manage to get the right teck, he will FAX you information, if they have it.
            Frankly, I like the way Miller/Hobart does business. I liked Lincoln 20 years back, but that has changed. Lincoln is only interested in pushing new overpriced machines out the door.


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              Dont be shy,, say whats on your mind bud.


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                Welcome. As you look thru the posts here I think you find that there are guys/gals here who have a peference for just about anything ever made. Even though the guys who run this work for ITW, they founded this site as a free exchange of information about all things welding. If you are looking to get a 175 then try out the big three and see which one you like. For me I started with a Hobart, and was glad of it, quality and a forgiving machine to learn on. When I needed to go bigger I went with Miller as I thought the quality and service was better than Lincoln and the price was better. Bottom line is, its your money and like Franz says, the thing will probably last 30-40 years, so you need to be happy with whatever you purchase.
                Regards, George

                Hobart Handler 210 w/DP3035 - Great 240V small Mig
                Hobart Handler 140 - Great 120V Mig
                Hobart Handler EZ125 - IMO the best 120V Flux Core only machine

                Miller Dynasty 200DX with cooler of my design, works for me
                Miller Spectrum 375 - Nice Cutter


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                  Doing Business

                  I would listen to what Franz had to say above. I had a 251 that had a problem and now I have a 2nd new one because of the way Miller does business. There are plenty of people here that KNOW how Miller/ Hobart does business and thats why we are here. If you want to buy the best backed product in the welding world you're at the right place now. Big business's nowdays don't give a crap about you the customer. Software companies charge you to fix their products,automobile manufactures don't re-call anything until 200 people die because of a defect. Then we have a big company that does help customers with their products Miller/Hobart , they support this welding site on the internet and they don't tell you what to buy they just ask why you bought what you did. This is unusal in this day and time. Tell us what you bought and why.David


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                    Thanks for the insight. I kind of fgured it was partially the Ford Chevy thing, but the additional comments are very helpful.

                    My dad uses a Lincoln so I've had some experience with it. I will go try out a Hobart and Miller and then go from there.

                    Once again thanks
                    Fight On!


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                      SCZONER...........Welcome aboard.................Enjoy the site and let us know what your purchase was and why.........

                      Be Safe.......................Rock..
                      [email protected]


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                        Originally posted by Franz
                        Now I realize to a newby, Price of the machine is the number 1 consideration, and that's largely because a newby doesn't know what he's even looking at,

                        1st. off let me say Franz you done went and hurt my feelings as my last name is Newby, I think what you were meaning was Newbie. Hopefully anyway as I don't know of anything I have done to get such a bash from you.

                        2nd. As an owner of both a Century 135 mig and a HH175. I wish I would have found this board prior to buying the Century 135. It is not a bad machine, but a few things I decided since buying it was it was not all the best deal I thought it would be. I purchased it as a refurbished machine, it looked just like new. I figured if it was any good it would last for several years. Shortly after the short warrenty ran out the circuit board went by, by. It cost enough to fix it that when I added the price to fix it onto the original sales price I bought it for I could of bought the HH135.

                        3rd. Two things that led me to buy the HH175 were, the first being the suggestions at the repair shop where I had the Century 135 repaired at highly recommended it, the second thing was all the great things I have heard on this board about the HH175. It is a good little welder. Going from the Century 135 to the Hobart 175 was like going from a Corvair to Cadillac .

                        Signed Gerald Newby
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                          Now Gerald don't go gettin yer knickers in a knot, I wasn't pickin on ya, a fellow's gotta be on the boards for a while before I get to pickin on him. Just ask poor Aaron2.0, if you can catch him between pushups.

                          As I've said before, the joy of a cheap price is forgotten long before you get over how bad the deal really was.

                          Now, to the matter of spelling; I consider perfect correct spelling to be the bastian of those who are incapable of origina l thinking. If I manage to get enough letters in some semblance of order that enables the reader to understand what the **** I was thinking, I consider the job to be done. If anybody don't understand what I meant to say, they can feel free to apply for clarification.


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                            Funny stuff Franz. You crack me up sometimes.


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                              Franz I didn't think you were picking on me but thought I had better check and make sure I hadn't done went and made you mad some how. I have been hanging out at this site for a few years now. I have found a lot of usefull information on it.

                              I plan on using the recipe for weedkiller next summer you gave the information on here awhile back. It sounds like it would work great and a lot cheaper than what I have been using.