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    i have a hobart 175 wire welder and would like to have a spool gun for it.does anyone know if hobart makes one to fit it.

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    Miller makes a spool gun and adapter (module) that will work with HH175 or any CV MIG welder. Together they cost more than your welder. Making it not real practical unless you already have spoolgun & module.
    Spoolmate 3035 and SGA-100 control box.
    Simple plug and weld with millermatic but not HH175.

    Ready welder is spoolgun (costs about $500.) made to weld using 2 to 3 12V batteries. You could hook one to your HH175. Trigger only controls wire feed so you would have to rig a switch to control contactor and gas solenoid.

    Millermatic 210 and above includes spoolgun adapter so no control module required. Ironman 210 has spoolgun adapter but Ironman 250 requires module. and products link above can give more information.