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  • refractory supplies

    I'm looking for some castable refractory, and having trouble.
    someone told me that it cost about 15 or 20 dollars and all I'm finding on the net is 87 dollars for a 55lb bag.

    Is he out of touch? Am I looking in the wrong place?

    I thought someone here might know where a good place to look. It must be at least 2600degs.


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    On the east coast we have a co. called R.E. Micheal they sell supplys for heating equipment. Castable refractory is available from them for considerably less.
    Talk to a furnace repair man, a local supply may be available.
    work safe, always wear your safety glasses.

    Edward Heimbach


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      Look in the yellow pages under Boiler repair, if there is a shop or supplier in your area you can generally get refractory at lo expense.


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        What type of project are you doing, as to need castable refactory. What temps are you after?



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          Originally posted by bjdenommee

          What type of project are you doing, as to need castable refactory. What temps are you after?
          I'm building a crucible furnance. I would like to cast some aluminum, it doesn't look too hard and looks like fun. I mean sometimes you will have broken aluminum castings (small) and in the past I would just weld them up, but you know why it broke, it was a bad design and needs to be modified.

          I know that it is wishful thinking, but it looks like fun and I have never done it before. I mean, a grown man playing in a sand box with molten metal if there were naked chicks it would be heaven.

          I mean I'm playing around with the idea which is why I was watching the price, I'm spending petty cash so there is no budget money alloted for this. Looks like I could spend 150 dollars and start casting parts, if it works out, great, if not no loss. But at 87 dollars a bag its not going to work.

          Just remember welding is my job, this is for fun and R&R.
          (I know...... I'm a freak)
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            Check out

   is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, has it all. We hope you find what you are searching for!

            You could email Roy with any questions. Good guy that posts on the Chaski site.


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              This guy has built one of the nicest and cheap to operate furnaces I've seen to date. His concept of ignition does leave a bit to be desired though.

              Refractory isn't that hard to find if you're near any major city, and since shipping on it is killer, it's worth some looking.


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                i rebuilt my forge a year ago i went over in east texas to the mine and picked it up. if you e-mail me i will see if i can find the invoice.


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                  If you just want to get your toe wet (no pun intended) do a search with "Coffee Can Foundry."