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    Wow 14.95 for a cheater lense! that must be special for the Optral. I bought a 2.0 diopter for my next gen at my local guy for 4.95.
    You'll really like being able to see again, wouldn't trade mine for anything.

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      It is a tad on the stiff side, so I coil it up into a 3' diameter coil before storing it. The only other down side was having to cut about 6" off each end before wiring up the new plug and recepticle. I hated to waste so much good cord, but it had a crimp in it where it went into the cable connectors on each end of the run.

      I'm certain you will like the Satellite. It is a sweet hood.
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        I paid the same $5 bill for one for my Jackson Master HTLS. I'm hopeing that this one is three times better. I'll bet its the same only different, thinner on the sides so it fits the helmet. Well thats what you get for not being satisfied with what you have
        Regards, George

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