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    been visiting this site for awhile now and like it very much (1st time post).

    I'm a newbie to welding and have been thinking really hard about buying a MIG welder. At first, I was just gonna go with the HH135, But then after being on this board learned about the TSC HH175 deal.

    And today, to my surprise, my wonderful girlfriend went and bought me one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So know, I'm the proud new owner of a HH175.


    Just wanted to let ya know, keep up the great posting.


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    Good choice. The 175 requires so much better power supply and will work far better. Where in Mich are you? Great to have girlfriend that understands power tools. I need one like that. She have sister? hahahahaha
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      auto- welcome ,these guys on here are pretty sharp i know i have learned alot. you better marry that girl
      no one get's out of here alive.


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        Originally posted by mozark6
        you better marry that girl
        Heck no! I'd hold out at least til I got a plasma cutter. At the very least make sure the 175 is good enough to last you for a long time. Marry her now & you'll be amazed how fast her budgetary priorities change.
        "Dr. Chandran, will I dream?"


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          I like your thinking Cutter !!


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            ok guys i jump too fast,like i say lots sharp guys on here
            no one get's out of here alive.


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              Yup, I agree with the plasma too,, maybe a new air comp and a couple new battery drills too. Looks like she has some long term plans for you,,, after all, a welding machine is a big commitment, or there are some major projects in your future you dont know about yet.
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                Originally posted by Sberry27
                She have sister? hahahahaha

                Send her a picture of your car, S! You know how that car affects women!!!.....


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                  Autowelder, don't forget your buddies, we need new tools, too......!!!
                  KenCo " Uccahay "


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                    autoweld -
                    wow - what a lucky guy you are......

                    get your tank filled with C25 and you are set.
                    you will love the auto-hood that came with the package deal - i had not used one until i got my HH175 from the tractor supply store special.
                    it is so nice to not have to flip or lift the hood while setting things up and running beads or fillets.

                    sounds like you are enjoying a great female relationship.....
                    i myself have been married 24 yrs now. and i can tell you it has been the happiest 5 yrs of my life......



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                      my girlfriend is getting a Plasma Cutter for Xmas and she better be upset about it.
                      A true democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for lunch.


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                        GET THE EQUIPMENT FIRST!!
                        A full complete shop, with spares.
                        Then, and only then, and only if you absolutely have to, get spliced. Don't forget the prenup!!
                        Ain't no point to buying your equipment twice.


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                          Yeah don't expect to weld in shorts.You need LOTS!!!!! of tools and equipment to begin welding as a true form! Good Luck!
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                            Mowj, I am still waiting to hear from the helmet holder.


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                              Like I said this is a great board.

                              Ya, you could say I'm pretty lucky (spoiled?).

                              Maybe I'll buy her (for xmas) some of the accessories for the Air Compressor she bought for me a couple months ago.

                              But a plasma cutter sounds good too.

                              Can't wait for xmas to!!!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

                              Clinton Township, MI