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running gear 235 AC Stickmate

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  • running gear 235 AC Stickmate

    I bought the 235 AC stickmate which didnt come w/ running gear like the AC/DC model did. I am trying to find the running seperate to purchase. Any suggestions?

    Thanks Sparksinmysocks

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    Looks to me a couple of mower wheels and some conduit. You bought this thing to fabricate? Time to start. Roy in this post built his, way better than the factory.
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      I thought you could buy it for $20.



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        Running gear

        Break out the rods and have it. Thats what its for and you can build a better one than you can buy most of the time. Also you can custom make it like you need it to be. The running gear is a good project to start on. Show us some pictures of whatever you decide to do. I'm fixing to make some wheels for an old Lincoln Idealarc 250. David


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          Couple a wheels off an old wagon, some 3/8th's round bar, grind the attaching parts off of some bed rails, screw'em on and, wallah. Works for me. Also took some 3/8th's sq and bent and welded to the bed rail peices to pull it around with.

          This says its for Miller but the Hobart is the same machine.
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            No problem The part number is 043927. You can order it from the store you got the welder.
            Thanks for purchasing a Hobart.
            Dave Evans


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              SPARKSINMYSOCKS...............WELCOME ABOARD....if you purchased 500418 or 500419 then you should of gotten the running gear standard in the hobart line-up.........Shoot me your serial number and I will see which model it was..........

              If you were suspost to get the running gear and I can tell from the serial number I will have one sent to you no charge.........The serial number is the key..........

              Enjoy the site.................Rock..
              [email protected]