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  • Lincoln Squarewave 175 TIG

    Hi guys. Just wanted to get your opinions on a Lincoln Squarewave 175 TIG unit. I do O/A, stick, and MIG welding as a hobbyist, and I'm thinking about picking up the 175 from a friend for what I think is a good price - probably in the $500-$700 range. He is a pretty meticulous guy and a school-trained weldor, so I know he has taken good care of the machine. I've never used a TIG before, but I feel I do a pretty good job with the O/A, stick, & MIG, so I feel I should be able to pick it up pretty well; though if I can find another welding class around here for TIG or any welding methods I would like to take it - took one for O/A and stick a few years ago. My useage for the machine would be mainly automotive hobby-related, including roll cages for my own cars (once I become proficient). Sound like a good deal & a good machine, or do you all have another recommendation? All comments welcome. Thanks in advance for your help; I really enjoy this board.

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    I have owned a Lincoln SW 175 Pro for several years now...nice machine. I use it for auto/racing type work. You can't go wrong with that machine at that price range...killer deal if it's in real good shape.


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      LynchMob, if the machine is in good shape it sounds like a good deal. I've had one for about three years and its been real good to me. Its a good machine. Be aware they make a 460v. version that can't be run on 230v.

      Good luck!

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        Hey sounds like a great deal, if you don't want it maybe I'll buy it.
        Jerry Streets
        J P Streets Welding LLC


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          I have a 175, and that is a great price for one.

          I would go for it, if the machine is in good shap and all of the parts are there.



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            Another YES vote from 175 SW Pro Owner. That's a sweetheart deal. Mine was a demo unit and I paid a little less than $ 1,300.00


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              Thanks alot for the feedback, guys. I figured it'd be a good deal, and this guy takes good care of his stuff. Now, if I can just get him to give it up... he has to get his new TIG first, and is rather slow moving... but I'm in no big hurry, as long as I end up with it. Thanks again.