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Miller products I like!!!

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  • Miller products I like!!!

    Since it is pretty dead around here tonight,I thought I would post what I picked up.

    I am sure you guys would like to have this!!!

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    Like the Krispy Kreme donut box it's sitting on, the breakfast of champions!


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      You need to put a girl under that hat to make it interesting. Scott,, here is a thread of a guy interested in esabs, I said "you the man. There is also a question on wire types right under the esab question that I am not up on. All I know about wire is it comes out and makes sparks.
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        ScottV>ie. Scott V Miller

        Scott ,now since we know you're a "Lincoln Man" how do you keep coming up with all these Miller hats ,stools etc. we are on a need to know basis? You've probably got a Miller beer sign too. Of couse I realize I'm a little Lite on the Miller hats & stools.


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          Sberry,I could not find the link,only a thread on a plasma cutter?

          David,the Miller neon clock is what everybody should be asking for!!!!It is really cool,and has a much better duty-cycle then their welders.

          My friend at the welding store gives me this stuff.He knows I will put it to good use.

          I am not a Lincoln or Esab,Thermal,Miller man.I only like what works the best for me,at a certain place in time.At this time,I just don't have any Miller welders.If they come out with something that is better than what I have(for a decent price),I will be the first in line to trade in what I have.I would of bought a 300 dynasty over my Thermal prowave 300 if it was closer in price to the Thermal.I still like the controls better on the Thermal though.If you look at my stuff,it is all over the board.
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            Scott, nice of you to include that new Miller stool in the background. I want one of those.


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              I can see that it is definitely time for me to upgrade my secret decoder ring.
              "Dr. Chandran, will I dream?"