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New member and more tig questions?sorry!Help

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    Thanks guys
    Made it to the road show.It rained on and off all day. The only one I got to try was the dynasty 200.What a nice machine especially since I know nothing abot it anyway. Let me ask this .Would you spend$2700.00 on the dynasty set up if you were just getting into it?
    Or settle for something less.Like the others in my post.Even considering the syncro wave 180 and 250
    I would like to see the t/A 185.but none of the dealers in my area know nothing about them.
    Are the Miller truck drivers also rep's ?


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      Hi Doug,
      Thanks for coming out to the truck and trying out the equipment, to bad it rained now back to your thought and I really have to turn it right back at you, as for should you spend more or not.

      You stated a lot of uses for TIG, now what is your plans, will best help determine what unit to possibly look at. Inverters are nice if you want to be portable and carry the unit around and if high freq is not wanted, the Dynasty uses just a click to get started, so less chance of messing with other equipment or devices. It will also allow you to control the arc better, using the pulse and the freq control. It also has the lower amps getting 1-200 were as the sync is 7-180.
      I work out on the show's with the Roadshow and I would have to say it is a toss up as for the guys like yourself which way they go, but it all boils down to, again what you see yourself getting involved with.
      I would say your on the right site to gather info, these guys don't hold back and will give you good advise. Now if I did nothing more than confuse you let me know and I'll try to be better help.