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  • Power Inverters?

    Morning Guys

    I am placing a new service vehicle into the fleet, its a Chevy C-350 with a Sparton fiberglass body.

    This is going to be a front line service truck, in being so it will operate all hours of the day as well as night runs.

    The truck that it is replaceing, also was a service body however it also worked as a install truck and carried my Lincoln 250.

    This new rig is not going to carry the machine, so I was thinking of adding a power inverter to it, for lights and small tools.

    Has anyone here had any problems/ or results whith this type of power supply?

    I was thinking on the line of 1500 - 3000 watts of power.

    Thanks Bernie

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    If it is going to be used a lot have a seperate battery with isolator.


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      Astron makes a pretty good one. Be aware that the ground pin on the AC outlet will have 70 volts in reference to the trucks ground. You can not hook them together.
      What do I know I am just an electronics technician.


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        TripLite has been making them for years, and they are good, till a transistor craps out. They do NOT like corrosive atmouspheres, such as NY State.
        Efficiency SUCKS, so you'll be much better served with 12 volt lighting, or a generator. Remember, it takes engine horsepower to recharge those batterys, and that translates to more fuel than running a small generator.
        The local phone company here has gone from gas gensets, to fanbelt driven gensets, to inverters and back to gas driven generators over the last 20 years. Gas generators offer maximum bang for the buck.