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  • GWOL

    Since the page has changed since you viewed it before you did your reply, thats why you are getting the page expired message. I normally just the a refresh on the page and this takes care of the message. Also I try to the the links for the different parts of the forum, not the back buttons, this seems to eliminate alot of the refresh issues.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Bob
    started a topic message board question

    message board question

    Maybe a problem, maybe just how it works?

    I hope I got this right:

    I do view new posts; pick a topic; write a reply and submit it; am taken to my reply post; then I hit browser back and get a "page expired" message.
    I usually then go back to favorites and start over.

    I have also had the "back" get stuck on my most recent ... edit (I think rather than reply) and have to go back to favorite bookmark sites and start over.