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  • Rock

    Rock I'm having a problem getting my 251 back from Airgas South. It's been 12 days now. I took the welder on my way to the Sunbelt Expo. I called them last Monday, Wednesday,and Friday. I got the managers cell phone number friday and called it twice and asked for them to call me back,NO CALL BACKS! Today Monday Oct. 26 I've called Airgas's headquarters and made a complaint. I either want another welder or my money back from Airgas as I am disgusted with them at this point. As I am typing this a regional guy from Airgas called on the phone and is supposed to get someone involved. David
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    ECHO8287.......Keep us in the loop here. I'm sure that some of us can get involved if the need arises..........Myself, MikeG, Kevin, Marie, Doug........... Many can help.................Let us know...Rock.
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      Happy Ending

      Well after lunch today Airgas came through and brought me another welder. They said they coudn't figure out what went wrong with the first one. I guess sometimes you have to call the right people to get something done, but in the end they came through. I think in the future they will call customers back and let them know what is going on. I haven't tried the new one but I will tonight. Thanks go out to Airgas for taking care of their customers! David
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        If I'm not being to nosey, can I ask what was wrong with your 251 that started this? Tell me to buzz off if you want!
        Regards, George

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          251 problem

          Sundown, The wire on the 251 was constantly popping back in tip of the gun. It was welding the wire to the tip as was posted in some of the other threads. I thought it was just the weldor running the welder. I increased the wire tension and that seemed to help some(this was before the latest problem). I wasn't getting any splatter but the wire would pop alot of times and be burnt off at the tip. Then one day it was working and the next day I started back and it wouldn't work at all. Nothing changed since the day before. All I got was splatter and sort of like pop pop pop no weld bead. So I changed the tip,blew out the liner ,changed wire rolls,adjusted wire tension(couldn't change gas only 1 tank) and tried it again same result. I tried another 251 at the Sunbelt Expo and it seemed alot smoother not as hard of an arc. I talked to the guys from Miller on the road show and said might be PC board or something like that. I still would like to know what was wrong with it out of curiosity.David
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            New welder

            Well I tried the latest version of the 251 tonight and it worked better than the first one. Since they sent my old gun back with the new welder that fact sort of eliminated that part of the equation as being bad. In other words I had the same gun ,the same gas, the same wire spool and a new 251 >all back to normal and improved over the first one. I noticed right away the sound of the arc was not as hard or harsh. The first machine in the very begining was smooth like this one. It must have had some sort of part failure. I would like to know what it was. Anyway I'm back in gear as I was working on several things when it went out .David


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              Glad to hear it. I bought my MM251 from Airgas as well. So far I am REALLY impressed, but I haven't been able to use it much yet.

              One of the biggest reasons for picking the Miller - customer service.
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                Aaron I don't know if Miller had anything to do with getting a replacement on this one, they might have. These guys at Airgas are good dudes , just a little lax about keeping in touch. I asked them everytime I called(called em 4 times on 4 different days) to call me back and let me know what's going on with the 251. Apparently they never even checked it and just sent me another one. The last call I got was from Vice-Pres of sales and he told me in the future they would be returning calls. You hate to have to ***** and grip to get something done but I guess that sometimes thats what greases the wheel. Anyway Airgas came through and the lastest edition works fine. David


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                  You don't think maybee they found themselves between a ROCK and a hard place, do you?


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                    Franz their sales manager said they were in touch with Miller to get the welder changed out BUT, the local manager calls and says he was sorry and he wasn't gonna lie to me, but he just forgot about my welder since he was deer hunting. Well I hate to stop a man whose fishing or hunting but it had been 12 days and he told me he'd have it fixed and back to me by last Wednesday. Anyway in the end they were all nice and I'm back to welding. David