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P&H tig welders? Anyone know of them?

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  • P&H tig welders? Anyone know of them?

    Well a quick search through google came up with very little. I have the opportunity to buy a 300a P&G tig welder, and was wondering if anyone had any info on them or links? It is an AC/DC welder, and I assume its an older model and brand. Thanks. This is the ad in the local paper:

    P&H 300 amp AC/DC Tig & Stick welder w/new torch, hoses, leads & regulator. $600; Miller Radiator 1 water cooler. Works but pump is noisy. $100; Multi-Mig 110V Mig welder w/tank & regulator. $200; Lincoln 225 AC stick welder. $150

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    I have seen these on ebay. They are big units, I think that one will probably be a NEMA Class 1 machine - 60% duty cycle at rated output. I do not remember for sure if the 300s I have seen were three phase or not, but I believe they were single phase. A machine that big may have trouble getting low output for light work or sheet metal. I am not speaking first hand, just what other people have told me about the larger machines, hopefully some of the other guys can add better info. It actually depends on what you want to do. For a stationary shop application it is probably indestructible, for portable or sheet metal work on vehicles it may be a pain to work with. It is probably going to weigh 400 lbs or more. Good luck.
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      I am sure Old Fart Franz will spot this post, he has one.


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        Yeah, I figured it would be an 400lb+ behemoth... but its local! I am also worried about its abilities on this sheet metal, but I thought I would try to get an idea to see if it is even worth taking a drive out to look at. Thanks!


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          S that old fart has 3 of them, if we're talking about the green ones.
          1st generation has round corners, 2nd generation has square corners. Witch one are we taling about.
          They weigh close to 800 pounds, and have a fan that will air condition your shop.
          Be real careful moving them as the transformer connections can be fragile, and a drop in moving will ruin the machine.
          Output can be dialed down real low, so anybody that says otherwise is full of ****.
          If anybody runs across an extra foot control for one of those machines, I NEED it! The foot control is unique, so check it out fully before buying the machine.
          It is a single phase machine that WILL suck 100 amps on full output.
          Some of them are better than others on stick arc quality, so check that too if you plan on using the machine for stick. They tend to accumulate a lot of dust inside the machine due to the cooling fan, so check inside to see how well the machine has been maintained.
          I'm not sure on the duty cycle without wanderiin out to look at the nameplate.
          The wiring diagram should be varnished inside the right hand cover of the machine.
          If it's one of the yellow ones, I don't know a **** thing about it, never owned one, or used one.