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Cool Tool!!!!!!

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  • Cool Tool!!!!!!

    this is the handest tool iv bought in a long time,,i had it for a few month,s and us it lots!!!
    it quiet,belts are cheap,they last long and really cleans well before welding and nice for smoothing things down,,jim

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    that's cool !

    I always see the airpowered versions of that in Tool catalogs but have never seen an electric one. how much was it ?

    - jack


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      Hi Jack,,its called a portagrind,,,,,,,it cost right at a hundred and comes with adapter,s to fit just about any grinder,,i put it on a heavy duty dewalt and it has more then enough power,its great for cleaning off rust, paint,galve,,and it reaching into tight area,s real well,,,,,,jim


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        Porta grind

        they can be bought for hand grinders and bench style grinders, been looking for the best price on it before I buy one for the bench grinder.

        can be seen at

        I really want one of these.



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          on the bench porter grind

          Hi Kevin,,,a friend of mine has the bench portergrind and its a very nice tool but it takes an odd size belt,there some times hard to find and he pays a premium for them,i have the same problem with the Craftsman i bought its like a 2by42 belt and it seems like the only one that sells the are sears and there pricey compared to others,if i were to do it over id probly buy the Delta from Home Depot,