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Just realized something about my HH 135.

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  • Just realized something about my HH 135.

    Hey ROCK and others,

    Guess what i just realized. My HH 135 has the same spool hub on it as my MM 175. So, i installed the hub onto the machine and once again there is to much tension on the spool hub. So, it looks like before I ever use a larger roll of wire on this machine I m going to have to shorten the spring. I would guess that it is probably safe to state that anyone who has recently purchased a HH 135 or HH 175 needs to shorten the tensioning spring, so that when they use a larger roll of wire on the machine, they are able to set the drag on the hub to the slight amount that it needs to be set to. I don t have this problem on my HH 175 , because it has the older Hobart spool hub design on it and not the new Millermatic design.
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    DAN...........Thanks I will get the design engineer Darrell on it as soon as I post here.......................Thanks for the input..........
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