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Dan,check this out!

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  • Dan,check this out!

    Dan,here is my friend Barbara's new tool box,and the little welder I picked up for her.The little esab takes a back seat in the picture,but it has a great arc anyway.

    By the way Dan,not to rub anything in,but she also has two horses.So maybe you should show this to your wife.

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    She's got a real nice chest
    from here ?


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      The wife has been eye balling tool boxes in that size range for about the last five years. Everytime we go to Sears, which isn t very often, we have to stop and check out the roll around tool boxes. She of course wants it for the barn to store here tools and horse stuff in. I ll probably get her a slightly smaller version for Christmas. It has to be black though.

      Now, while I m thinking about it my wife wanted me to mention to you that there must be something special about those ESAB welders, because a while back when we happened to catch an episode of the Monster Garage show the guys on the show were welding in tank tops, with no gloves, and no welding hood. The only PPE that they had on were tinted safety glasses. Thank goodness my boy wasn t around to see the show.
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        Dan,I saw those guys weld with Miller,and Lincoln's the same way.So it's not the machine it is the operator.

        On the toolbox,Barbara bought her's at Costco for $650.00.It will flat blow anything Sears has.It is about ten times better.You could maybe get close if you spent about $3000.00.(Maybe,but I doubt it)Dan,lets just say it is the powermig 300 of toolboxs.Also that esab 160i has about the nicest low amp arc you will find anywhere.No ripple at 3 amps,if that matters.The 25 ft Binsel 125 amp two piece torch is the deal of the year.It cost me $38.00,and is nice as any torch out.

        (She's got a real nice chest)

        2bit,you got that right!!!!!!!


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          Hello Scott, what is the address to your site that I've heard about.
          Jerry Streets
          J P Streets Welding LLC


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            Originally posted by Jerry
            Hello Scott, what is the address to your site that I've heard about.

            Jerry,it is here.


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              Tool Box

              That Tool box is awesome. I've never seen a SS tool box before.
              How's the quality compared to a Snap-On box? I really like that one. I'm gonna head to Costco today and see if they have them, although they probably wont. Maybe I'll be lucky.
              On the Hammerhead website they want $1K for it! I like the $650 you paid at costco much better.
              Thermal Arc 185 TSW


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                scottv..............I very seldom agree with you but for $650.00 that is a whole lot less than I have in my MAC.........Where is costco located.......................Someone has been bugging me about mine if the quality is there i know what I'm doing...........Rock..
                [email protected]


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                  Those boxes ARE nice. If you guys have a Costco near you and can get by the "bouncer", you should check it out. It's got ball bearing rollers, all the drawers are lined already, the large drawer can be used to hang file folders (cool for manuals, catalogs, warranty info, etc.).

                  It's on my Christmas list.
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                    Rock here is a link.

                    Shop for electronics, computers, furniture, outdoor living, appliances, jewelry and more. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brands products delivered to your door.


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                      how's the quality of the toolbox scott. I think it says they're made in Taiwan right ? if it's decent quality that's a great price for one that big ...

                      - jack


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                        Jack,they are great quality.


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                          This is from Hammerhead's website:

                          This is the 41" HammerHead LX Combo.

                          Two Extra Smooth Hydraulic Lifts for the Top Lid
                          Full Length Stainless Steel Staked Piano Hinge on Top Lid
                          18 Guage Type 304 Stainless Steel Construction.
                          Reinforced Construction with Double-Wall Side Panels.
                          Full Size Non-Slip Drawer Liners Included.
                          160lbs Capacity Heavy Duty Full Extension Ball Bearing Drawer Slides.
                          Double Slides on Lower Deep Drawers for 320lbs Capacity.
                          Smooth Glide Ball Bearing Casters Rated at 550lbs each.
                          Size: 41-3/16"W x 18-1/4"D x 61-1/2"H Weight: 431lbs

                          18 Guage 304 Stainless Steel is pretty good. And it weighs 431lbs!!
                          I have a MAC Maximizer tool box and I think it's 18 guage.
                          Thermal Arc 185 TSW