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    Rock I've got a problem with my 251. It was welding along fine and then I started noticing it was popping when the arc starts more than usual. That was on Saturday and then on Sunday I got up to finish what I was welding and all I got was a steady pop pop pop and just splatter on the metal. I changed the tip ,the wire,blew out the liner with air (I didn't change the gas because I've only got one bottle,it looked like I had 800 psi left.) I tried it again and still pop,pop,pop and splatter . I don't think its the gas because I've forgot to turn it on once or twice and it still would run a bead (not pretty). I'm going down to the farm show in Moultrie,Ga tommorrow or Thursday if I take it with me can they fix it down there?Ha,Ha,Ha. What do I need to try next? It's obvious something must have blown out a diode or something else maybe?
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    This is what the welder was doing ,as I have no control over what it looks like. It was just producing popping and splatter. The picture is not too good but you get the idea.


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      Sheesh! That's terrible Echo.

      I had a thing looked like that last spring - on the sole of my foot.
      It took it several weeks to heal. I'm pretty sure it was a spider bite.
      I hope Dr. Rock & the staff can get your welder healed faster than that.
      "Dr. Chandran, will I dream?"


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        That does look terrible... if your gas supply is good then get this thing to a service station and get it checked out. If you don't know where to go here is the link


        [email protected]


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          You didnt bump the settings accidently? I find that happens once in a while. You should be able to hear gas coming out of the cup and rule that out. Even move the ground clamp right on to the piece you are working on to eliminate problems. Feeders seem to be touchy about ground routing, I have had them sputter and wonder what the problem is, move the ground right next to the work and a whole different world.
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            I did hook the ground straight to the work after it started popping,it didn't help. I didn't have another bottle of gas to try and gas was coming out of the nozzle. At first I thought maybe it was the wire as it was getting low on the spool ,maybe dragging. Then I changed the wire, the tip and blew out the liner and the same results. The last few things the night before I noticed the arc was not starting the same. I tried it again this morning,same result,I am taking down to Airgas today and let them look at it.


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              Changing the tip was a good idea. I sometimes has cut the wire right after the drive roll and put it thru the gun by hand. I take it you pulled the liner out and can see it wasnt obviously wasnt kinked. They can be frustrating.


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                Lift the tension arm from the feedroll so that you don't feed wire when you pull the gun trigger. Pull the trigger and see if you have gas flow from the torch.