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Hobart Handler 175 Wire will not feed

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  • Hobart Handler 175 Wire will not feed

    I have a nearly unused Handler 175, and the wire just stopped feeding. I hear the relay click but motor will not turn. I have checked all the connections and they seem fine. I have removed the wire and checked the line...all good.
    I do not know how to check the voltages on the wires... I can turn the motor by hand so I know it is not locked up.

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    The click your hearing is the gas solinoid operating. If it sounds erratic, ie, like a rattle then your trigger wires have shorted to the gun condiut.

    Remove the trigger wires and/or jumper them together at the machine. If your machine now works, you have a gun problem, which is most likely. If not then email me back on this post


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      DARN! Still no feed.

      Thanks for the input. I need to tell you first off. This unit has had less than 20 feet of wire throuhg it since I bought it.
      Just now getting to use it.

      I took off the gun wires at the machine.
      I turned the unit on and shorted them together. I hear "One" click but the drive motor does not turn. I watched the inside of it and see no movement.
      Any other things I can try or check? I really hate to see how much this is going to cost to fix. Not to mention I have all kinds of welds to make finally...
      Thanks very much


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        Make sure you have the voltage setting to a Voltage. 1 -4 and not purge. Unit will not feed wire on that setting. I dont rember if it will feed wire with the speed setting turned all the way down or not. Is it not turning with No wire in it? You might have burned the wire back to the tip and fused the wire and tip togher?

        LOL how close you to northEast Ohio?? As mine is sitting with nothing to do.

        Im sure if it is broken Rock will be able to help out with Mim $$ to you. Seeing how its so new .

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          Voltage setting not set to purge.
          Tried every speed setting too, still nothing. It is not turning with no wire in it and even no gun (shorting trigger wires as Jeff suggested) .

          I figure the motor is 24Vdc. Is that correct? How can I just apply current to the motor to test it? If it is not the motor it is the Circuit Card least that is my best guess. Not really sure how to check for voltage with the multimeter.
          Thanks guys.


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            Almost sounds like you've lost an incomming primary, ie, it's trying to run on 115Vac, instead of 230. Check your breakers. Lets check the easy stuff first.


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              FIXED it!

              Ok I took the two switch handles off so I could test them with the
              multi meter... melted the wires off and they tested good.
              Put them back on powered up and BOOM! Works!
              Must have been dirt or something making it think it was set to purge while on "1" I guess I shold have tried "2" first.
              Thanks guys!


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                ICEMANRULZ...........Well getting involved kinda late here....... sorry....... other projects going on...........If indeed the range switch Purge- 1-4 is defective my guess is it will do it again........

                So if it ever does please feel free to e-mail us or call us and I will have a range switch sent to you...............It should be well within the time frame for warranty and if you don't feel like replaceing it let us also know and we will get it off to a service station for repair........

                The drive motor is indeer only 16 volts DC...............

                Sorry for the inconvenance..............Rock..
                [email protected]


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                  Good deal!

                  Thanks Rock!
                  This baby is like new...not even real dusty. I kept it in a cabinet.
                  I bet I will see no further problems... No all I need is some gas!