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Old Miller SRH 444 problems..

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  • Old Miller SRH 444 problems..

    There is an old SRH 444 in the shop that runs VERY hot, even at lower settings. When the dial shows about 50amps on the LOW settings, it'll burn a 1/8 7018 like there is no tomorrow.. It also has a funny sound for the first few seconds after the arc is struck,almost like a high frequency start or something. Anyone have any experience with these?

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    Probably a shorted diode, or failed rheostat.

    I'd go with the failed rheostat if it was my guess. Might want to make sure your not in remote position without a remote.

    Is the breaker on the left side popping? if so you have a failed control bridge rectifier, a $15 fix
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      No breakers popping and I'm not sure if it even has remote abilities. I'll have another look at it tomorrow or another day and see what I can find..