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  • sunbelt farm show

    wondering if anyone here plans on visiting the miller booth at the next weeks sunbeltfarm show in georgia ?

    its tues,weds,thurs next week

    i am hopeing to drive up from florida and get some introductery time on a dynasty 200DX. plus check out the expo.


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    p.dow........ I can't make it but I will ask Kurt the driver of the BBT if he is................enjoy the show and weld with everything you can get your hands on...............Should be plenty of stuff there.

    Kurt has all the answers on this one though.............I e-mailed him....................Enjoy....................Ro ck..
    [email protected]


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      Hi Paul.
      I'm going to be there with the truck. This is a really good show and usually very busy. Hope to see you there and we'll get you some time with that Dynasty. Talk to you there.


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        oh ... i am so happy..... hahaha
        the reason is is that i had planned our trip home from our indiana vacation last month so i could cruise by the farm progress show in illinois....
        anyway when i got there weds morning it had closed down for the day because of heavey rains ... so i missed that one.

        wow... the BBT
        thanks kurt.thanks rock

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          I was at that farm show with the smaller truck, and it showed or started off to be a great one! Then the rain and they only got the 1 day out of the show. Take care and we'll see you with the BBT!


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            Farm Show

            I am going down to the farm show, but right now I don't know what day. I'll have to see which day I can go, the first of next week. David


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              sunbelt show

              spent the morning at the the farm show.
              what a show it was. huge.

              the BBB was there and i think every miller product there is - was layed out and available for use/demonstration.

              took the opportunity to have some fun with the dynasty 200 DX
              and the millermatic 175.
              i think there were about a dozen or more blue shirts plus kurt the driver.

              if that miller truck is ever near you and you have the time to check itout - do so. i did and had a great time.