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Poll.....What form of new steel do you purchase

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  • Poll.....What form of new steel do you purchase

    I didn't want to hijack a post by Jadecy over on the Welding Projects board regarding where others purchase their new steel at. His post got me thinking about the fact that there is only 1 steel supply business in my area, and because of this I feel I pay a premium price for most of my new steel. Most of my smaller projects are slapped together from metal I have obtained from dumpster diving at local fabrication and tool and machine shops. Wood-N Steel responded to Jadecy's post saying that sheet metal shop dumpsters are a gold mine. He is so right. It is unbelievable what some of these shops throw out. I can only guess that the decision to throw certain items out is based on available space to store these items, and how long it would be before the scrap could be utilized.

    If possible I would like other members of this forum to list the steel products that they normally purchase from a steel supplier. And also the size, gauge, and price paid if possible. The reason I am doing this is because I believe a person could stock the more common steels and still make some decent money while undercutting the high prices of the local monopolies. I would not venture into this myself, but I believe there are a few local businessmen who have the resources, and would be willing to take a gamble if they were aware of the potential for making some money while at the same time giving people like us a break on the prices..........Thanks for any information you can provide. After this post has run it's course, I will attempt to give a break down listing the most common steel purchased, and average prices paid.

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    steel prices in Las Vegas

    We have four major suppliers here, and I shop almost exclusively at Economy Steel Inc. I can only remember some of the tubing prices off the top of my head, but can get others from invoices if you need them. 1" .065 square is $8 per 20', 3/4" $6, and 1/2" $4. My prices with an account are slightly cheaper than the walk-in price at 1" for $6.75. Does this give you any help?


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      I think I still pay $.35 per pound. I buy a lot of 1" angle iron. I" square tubing is higher. I have two steel yards and can find almost anything I need.
      What do I know I am just an electronics technician.


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        Last time I bought anything has been about 7-8 months ago and it was (4) 1", 16ga, 20 footers for $4.00 each and I also purchased a 4'X8' sheet of Ex Mtl Flat 1-1/2 #9 for $24.91...I think that if this thread goes very long, the prices will be all over the map...
        Regards, George

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          I am in Northern, VA. I have purchased a few lengths recently and this is what I paid from a building and tool supplier. Since then I have found a metal supply company down in Manassas, VA and they have much better prices. Have not bought from them yet just got pricing over the phone.

          1"x1" angle, 1/8", 20' long $9.50

          1" Square Tube, 14ga, 24' long $17.35

          1-1/2" Square tube, 11ga, 24' long $35.00

          I have also found an ironworks and fabrication shop near me that has 2 dumpsters out back they throw scrap in to be recycled. I went in a spoke with one of the supervisors and told him I mess around with welding as a hobby and he said I could help myself to the scrap. I have been finding some good size pieces of all types of stock for small projects around the shop or just to practice.
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            My Iron Supplier

            I buy from SI metals south of Green Bay for new stuff and the price is about what is listed below. I also stop by Samuels recycling in Waupaca. They take in new steel scraps and pieces from the local foundry and other manufacturers. Depends upon each visit but I can usually find of pickup load of "good stuff" for my reserve pile for $0.20 a pound. Biggest problem I have bringing home more iron comes from my wife!


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              Steel prices

              Do a search for steel prices and there is alot of info from the past posts. THat will give you alittle more data.David


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                Thank you for the replies and keep them coming please. In regards to my original post The type of new steel you purchase is more important for this poll than the price you paid for it. If you have the price handy great, but don't waste your time searching for it. After re-reading my post I guess the type is more important because I will get an idea what others use. I mainly use flat stock and angle, but I am sure that many others use several different types types because their projects are more complex and on a larger scale than mine.


                Hello fellow Wisconsinite. There is a Samuels Recycling 15 minutes North of my location in Janesville. They used to let people buy used scrap at the Janesville location, but quit that over a year ago. All they do is buy at this location. I wonder if this is because they have their fingers in the only new steel sales business in Janesville (that is the rumor anyways). Welcome to the forum.


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                  Steel sizes

                  Flat bar -1/2",3/4" ,1",2"(1/8" and 1/4" thickness)
                  Angle-1",1-1/4",1-1/2"(1/8" and 1/4"thickness)
                  Round tubing-3/4",1",1-1/2"(14 and 16 gauge)
                  Square tubing-1/2",3/4",1",2"(14 and 16 gauge)
                  Rectangular tubing-1-1/2" x 3" (14 gauge)
                  Plate -1/8",1/4",3/8"
                  Solid rounds-1/2",3/4",1"

                  I think that covers what I usually end up with when I go shopping. David


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                    Kinds of metal I buy

                    I buy a lot of different stuff since I seem to have a lot of different projects. I buy a lot of 1/4 flat stock and plate for the snow buckets I build (along with treated edge material, usually 6"). I build some people mover wagons and use a lot of tubing. 2x4 3/16 thick, 1 in square, 16 gage to 1/8 ( I have a JD Squared bender). Of course I buy a lot new angle, usually 2 in that is 1/8 to 1/4. Also I buy some sheets of 16, 18, and 20 gage. Planning to build an enclosed trailer for our kit car that we pull behind our motorhome. Hope to do that this winter. Sure do enjoy reading the posts here.


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                      Hello Pat, Seeing how you are in Wisconsin, I,m sure your aware of all the steel providers in our area, yet you most likely will not recieve a descent price when buying one or two pcs. from them.

                      As you are aware having an account with them will give you a huge price break (maybe), but what I did was to call my sales rep and get lower prices from him to recieve my business. I also did this with my welding supply store. If you don't ask for a lower price you won't get it.

                      Pat if I can help you with a steel purchase let me know I'm in Slinger, Wi. I use all types and have many on hand from flat,rd, sq, etc... Later
                      Jerry Streets
                      J P Streets Welding LLC