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miller spool gun control,wc-3

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  • miller spool gun control,wc-3

    Dear Sir,i have a millerwc-3 spool gun control box unitwith volt sencing lead.I want to hokh up a airco spool gun to this unit,the gun that I have has the wire speed adjustment on the gun,ok now ,could i get a diagram/picture of where the wires attach to what terminals?,if this just will not work which miller spool gun is th proper /original one,any help would be very much appreciated,rick beaver,raytown,missouri

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    You need a Spoolmatic 2 gun for it.

    You can get the specs from under owners manuals



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      miller wc-3 spool gun control

      Ok that's what type of miller gun should be used.BUT I want to know about hooking the airco spool gun to the miller control box,I have the miller manual,but that does me no good,I know it's been done before,I'm hoping some one will come forward and tell me which wires go where,I've an airco gun and I would like to use rather than start trying to find a miller gun,come on someone has to know this,thank you ,rick beaver ,raytown,missouri


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        Soooo which airco gun is it ,a 1,2, or 3


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          millwc-3spool gun control

          the spool gun that I have has thewire speed adjust ON THE GUN,and has a jog button at the bottom of handle It *** on the gun aw-20 e,also have a profaxgun identical to it


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            So it's the kidney looking gun, problem is that they all look the same, but your profax may be running on a different voltage.

            Never the less you'll have 3 wires for the wire speed, 2 for the motor and 2 for the trigger. It's up to you to mach them into the buss bar in the WC-3