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Spray on galvanizing?

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  • Spray on galvanizing?

    Can anyone tell me if some sort of galvanizing in a spray can exists. I thought at one time I read a post in this forum that stated there is such a thing, but I can't seem to locate the post (if there is one). I notched out a piece of replacement galvanized fencing pipe/tube for my chain link gate that I damaged a while back when I backed the skid loader trailer into it. Before I cut the old one out I would like to get some of this galvanizing paint if it exists. I went to Ace and True Value Hardware stores and only found stuff like Rustoleum that was about the same color, but the cans said nothing about containing galvanizing. None of the store employee's had heard of such a product. I suppose the Rustoleum stuff would work, but I would like the real thing if possible. Any ideas where to get it at, and any opinion on if it does work any better than regular rustproofing paint.......thanks

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    Pat, There is something called "cold galvanizing " spray paint. I've sprayed it on some freshly welded steel about a year ago. It hasn't rusted yet. It looks more like gray paint than galvanizing.


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      Pat you can get the cold galvanizing spray paint at most Car Quest auto parts stores. That's where I have found it before. It works very well and lasts a long time.


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        It does work. I would use several coats. Welding stores carry it.
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          Thanks for the responses,

          A neighbor down the road gave me a can covered in dust and dirt that was about 1/4 full. After I wiped the can off and noticed that the product is called Zinc Bright, I attempted to test it out on a piece of scrap. Just my luck, no propellant left in the can. Will get a new can Monday.....................thanks again


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            You can get it at HD. Look down in the spray paint isle. I think rustoleum makes?
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