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New toy...super heavy, but super cool!

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  • New toy...super heavy, but super cool!

    I got it from a tooling place back east. It was $1500 delivered and included everything above. Getting the thing off of the delivery truck was not easy.

    I uncrated it at work and detached all of the accessories. Once it was out of the crate, it was much easier to handle. It's at home in the garage now.

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    Very nice, need 100A service to it, you should have racing speed with that baby.


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      That is the same model of machine that I learned TIG and Stick on in the late 80's when I went to school. It was (is) an excellent machine. I liked it better then any of the Lincoln Idealarcs that we had in class. The DC arc on it was smoother then the arc on the Lincoln. If this machine performs as well as the machines in class, it is definately a good deal at $1500. Wish I had the input circuit to handle such a machine.

      Oh yeah this is a very good aluminum machine to, even without the squarewave output.
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        Good work. Now all you need is 2 water coolers. One for the welder, and when word gets out, one for the phone ringer. Good luck.


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          Great welder!!! Have lots of fun.!!!
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            Boy, if I had one of those I'd have to run a chord to the city's transformer farm down the street to get power Oh well maybe when my wife is finished with school I'll be able to get some land away from the city and...just dreaming again...looks like you will be having fun...
            Regards, George

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              BOOSTNERD........... congratulations............. You will enjoy for many years....................

              WHEAT.........Welcome Aboard........... enjoy the site.........

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