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Strapping diagram for Hobart CT-200

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  • Strapping diagram for Hobart CT-200

    Looking for strapping diagram for a fairly old Hobart CT-200 tig welder. It was set for 460 Volt, single phase, and I need to set it for 240V, single phase.

    The wiring diagram on the inside cover of course is missing.

    Thanks for your time.


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    HROD................Welcome Aboard...........The only way to get one now is order the Manual for the machine...........cost is $15.00 usa 920-735-4197 this will put you in contact with barb or Sara in the manuals department. You can only order by the specification number of your machine. If I had a schematic for the voltage change over I would fax it to you. However there are 3 different versions of your machine. Safer to purchase the manual they can not fax you just the voltage change over.........

    Be safe....................Rock.......
    [email protected]


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      Hobart CT-200 Spec. Number

      Thanks for the reply, Rock.

      Ah, Monday morning haste.

      I apologize for my hasty post. I have previously requested a manual for one Hobart CT-200, spec. #5518, serial #8RT-12402 through the service department on this Hobart web site. I was informed via email the unit was too old, and the manual would have to be purchased through a third party. It appeared that $50.00 was the required fee. Now $15.00 is reasonable in my opinion, but $50.00 is a little much. I opted to see if anyone here could help out.

      If a schematic is handily available, please send, my fax #: 931-359-8664, or email: [email protected].

      Again, thanks for your time.