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Help me make up my mind, once again...

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  • Help me make up my mind, once again...

    Ok I've read what I think is over a thousand posts on these three machines and each one of them has their advantages and disadvantages(just like everything in this world ). Now, I had my mind made up, then it was made up again, now I'm confused yet again. Like someone else said on this board, I had an easier time choosing a car!

    I've narrowed it down to three machines:
    Syncro 180
    T/A 185
    Dynasty 200dx

    I will be welding aluminum, mild steel, and SS probably no thicker than 1/4". I like the 180 because, hey its blue at a great price and can do what I need. I like the portability, pulsing, and other features of the other 2 machines. The only problem is the T/A price is killing me because of my attachment towards blue. Maybe if Miller is going to do a "ready to weld" package at a competitive price near the 185($2000 would be a great price) in the future I would be willing to wait. (*Hint*EMAIL ME Miller*Hint*)

    Service requirments are not a problem to me but price and availability is. I can go anywhere in my area and find miller parts and nobody has T/A.

    What do you guys think? Buy now or wait it out?
    welding and fabrication

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    You can get the Miller 180SD for about $1500 and the PC-300 Pulser unit for about $500. I don't know about the other machines you mentioned, but I believe they are inverter machines. The Syncrowave is a transformer machine and is 200+ lbs - not portable.

    By the way, the Miller comes 'ready to weld' with a Miller Diamondback torch and regulator, etc.


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      I know the 180sd comes ready to weld but I thought the dynasty came with nothing
      welding and fabrication


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        Yeah, I think that you're right about the Dynasty. I got my 180 about a year ago and it came ready to go. So far, so good with it, but again, it's not an inverter machine. I know it's a tough decision to make, so read all you can and get a lot of opinions, then go with your best shot.

        " I can go anywhere in my area and find miller parts and nobody has T/A. "

        I am in a similar situation......This influenced my decision, too!

        Only you can make the big decision.....Good luck!


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          I'm a die hard Miller fan. That being said, if you want to get good w/ aluminum, you're going to outgrow the 180 quickly. My 180 was holding me back within 3 months of my very first AC bead with it. In my opinion, it's defenitely an entry level machine. DC side is decent.

          If you have the money, get a more advanced set up, learn what all the gadgets do, and have at it. That's what I wish I did.


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            i have a dynasty dx. it's a great machine, very easy to weld with. i think it is at a whole different level than the 180SD. as far as price, i doubt miller is going to come down to the TA level unless they stop producing in the USA, do away with sundries like this board, and perhaps go into chapter 11 and get a fed bankruptcy court to let them write off millions of dollars of debt.


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              I was very hesitant when I decided on my T/A because Thermadyne just came out of Chapter 11. But Thermadyne is a holdings compay which was many brands under it such as Tweco and VICTOR which a friend of mine had a Tweco MIG gun and VICTOR torches. What's the odds? I figured they make pretty good products. So, I figured these compainies are going to be around for a while. Most welding supply places online sell either Miller, Lincoln or T/A.

              I really wanted a Miller and am shocked I opted for the T/A.. But I don't regret it. The T/A will take me further as a welder then the !80 SD will. I would imagin that once you really start learning what wave up slope shaping and pulsing I'd bet you'd be making some nice *** welds. I have a lot more to stive for with the T/A or the Dynasty 200DX. However I simply could not afford the Dynasty. And they are pretty comparable machines. And I just also had to get a Helmet (I got a Huntsman) and Tillman TIG gloves. I also have to buy some red Tungsten, 309ER rod and some other stuff. There is no way I could have afforded the Dynasty.
              Thermal Arc 185 TSW


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                ....My opinion is you don't need none of them.Your better off with a little welder from wal-mart.Remember "Always Low Prices"


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                  Dynasty 200DX

                  I've got the Dynasty 200DX and so far I like it. Tried it on some thin aluminum today and it worked great. It will run on a 120 volt outlet if need be at lower duty cycles. Very portable as a stick welder. The other dudes around here seem to have T/A 185's and they like that machine, but only on 240 volt service. I don't know if its pulsed tig but one of the other guys can tell you. The Dynasty doesn't come with torch and accessories. David


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                    Hey David after all was said and done, how much in total did a 200dx cost? I know on Ebay you can get one for a little over 2300 but then you gotta get a torch, gas, rods, foot control, so after all that you might as well get a contractor's kit for 500 bucks. Thats a total of 2800! is this machine really worth it?
                    welding and fabrication


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                      Dynasty price

                      I bought the Dynasty 200 DX and a 251 at the same time and the best deal I could get after haggling over them was about $2500.00+tax with the tig contractors kit(this was from Airgas). You can get the contractor kit with the foot pedal or the hand amptrol. I ended up buying them both. I don't know how the T/A 185 welds,but the 200DX works great. I had my friend that used to teach welding at the high school come over and he tried it and loved it. The only real advantage the Dynasty has over anything else is, it is a Miller, and it will work on 120 volt circuit. Sometimes I need a stick welder that is portable and the 120 volt power was important to me, thats why I chose the Dynasty. Best thing to do is get prices from several local welding supplys and then go back and see if they want the business or not. Thats what I did and actually another Airgas beat there own price from another location. I went to the one that was closest last.David


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                        Find someone who has tried out both the T/A185 and the Dynasty 200. Then ask if it was teh same price, which one they would buy. Then ask yourself if the difference in price is equal to what you would have to pay for parts. When it gets down to the parts you would likely need to replace, torches etc, you can get them almost anywhere.

                        It's your $$, but I could not afford to buy blue. That said, I think the quality issue is more important than money and I still bought the T/A 195.


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                          WELINGISFUN..............Welcome Aboard...........Well s you can see there are many deeming qualities of each machine.........

                          In the end it is only your choice after all it is your hard earned cash.................Do this head over to the 3 closest to you show them what your purchaseing from the internet (or looking at). Tell them you would rather purchase local for the support. Tell them to set those baby's up for a demo.............some say take those girls for a twirl..........(I like that one).............

                          Test them then get back to us and tell us what you thought and what your decision was and why................ In the end we can give guidance and is your decision.

                          Enjoy the decision makeing process.................Many befor you have been in the same boat......................Be safe.............Rock..
                          [email protected]