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Anyone familiar w/ NuTecSys plasma cutters?

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  • Anyone familiar w/ NuTecSys plasma cutters?

    Specifically, I'm interested in the Nu TecSys PCA30PS...a 30 amp model. Supposedly, these are resold under a variety of brand names (like Clark, MAC Tools, etc.). I found the best price at HF...$669.99. Here's the url:

    Is anyone familiar with this brand of machine? Please post if you've used one...

    Dave Sisk, Ferrous fun fanatic

    TIG: ESAB Heliarc 161 AC/DC
    Plasma: Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 38
    MIG: Millermatic 210

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    I've not owned the particular model that you have asked about.
    At one time I had an older model that needed repair and was told by their tech service people that they no longer supported the machine. By no support, I mean no information and no parts. This unit went to the local dump. You might want to look at one of the major plasma cutter brands. Just my opinion.


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      That's a lot of amps for the money! I know, this stuff really draws your attention, does mine anyway. I've been on the fence about getting that Firepower unit, but would sure like a few more amps for heavier material...but I also want a TIG welder at some point and don't want to break the bank on a plasma cutter.

      Let me know what you find out.

      Millermatic 175
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        Before you dive into that "FirePower" unit, check the price of both that unit and the WeldPac 155.

        If you are buying the Firepower from HD they would also carry the Weldpac models.

        The Weldpac 155, will serve you better and longer than that firepower unit and the weldpac looks like any other of the machines made by Lincoln.

        My son had on of these units for over 5 years until I gave him my SP 175 which he says run the same way as his 155.

        Look into the product before you by, or you may wined up with a machine that is less suited for your needs.



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          errrr...Bernie, we're talking plasma cutters here, not welders. I already have an MM 175 mig. Just looking at adding a plasma cutter.
          Millermatic 175
          KTM 525 EXC


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            I think any cutting and welding equipment, especially one as complex as a plasma,,, and one with such a life expectancy is a poor place to skimp. Brand name and the best model you can scrape the money together for is worth the investment. Actually I doubt that is even an opinion, its more like a fact.