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  • dseman
    This has been discussed a lot already if you want to do a search for steel cutting or something like that. Different models out there, some just buy the blades from tenryu or metal ? and mount them on their worm-drive skill saws. That will give you the bevel capability and can cut 3/8, maybe 1/2---I'd have to review the posts myself to remember exactly. But I'm sure you can find them.


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  • Alden Pruett
    started a topic steel skill saw

    steel skill saw

    Salesman brought a Porter-cable metal cutting skill saw by the shop today to demo it. I gotta buy one of these. I made a cut into 8"wide flange right across the flange cut it in under 20 seconds I thought it would want to kick back when the blade got into the web never even knew when it hit it like cutting butter. He sells this one for $254.00 The only thing I didn't like was this model is not capable of beveling. NO sparks and was not as loud as most
    wood saws Just wonder how the motor would hold up? Does anyone own one? Let us know how its held up. Thanks